Our key ability is to integrate these devices to mobile SMS, USSD and STK to trigger transactions using cards and mobile phones.

This is our main tool of trade. We deliver POS solutions across a wide range of manufactures...


zizi POS

This is our main tool of trade. We deliver POS solutions across a wide range of manufactures. They include Bitel, Ingenico, Castles and New Pos.

They are bundled with ZiZi pos transactions manager and TMS package.


All these terminals are EMV and PCI certified for financial transactions.


FLEX 7000

Wireless PDA POS

Flex 7000 model is capable of supporting GSM/GPRS or CDMA with high security features embedded in it .

FLEX 5100

Wireless EFT POS

One of the smallest and the most powerful wireless device available in the market .


NEW 8110

Is a Powerful mobile payment terminal, with secure ARM9 CPU, 24M large memory, compact design, and supports GPRS, CDMA or Wi-Fi wireless communication methods and multi-application.



NEW 8210

Is a high performance and multiple function POS terminal.With its high security features and all in one design,The New8210 offers perfect payment solution.


Castles VEGA 9300

With mass storage support, high performance CPU and an open architecture linux operating system. The VEGA 9300 can be linked to various communication interfaces, has contactless reader certified for Visa payWave and MasterCard PayPass. It is portable, countertop and very available

ingenico iPP300 Series

Covering every possible payment method including contactless and mobile phone (NFC), it offers true convenience. Boasting secure transactions, extensive communication technologies and a plug-and-play installation, this compact retail PIN-Pad is an unmatched, innovative solution; speeding up transactions and addressing the needs of the customers.

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