Loyalty programs are an integral part of any strategy to reach, reward and retain new or existing customers. These programs also provide reinforcement for your corporate brand or marketing message across multiple customer touch points

Zizi loyalty provides superior functionality including the ability to gather customer purchase information...


Zizi Loyalty Programme

Zizi loyalty provides superior functionality including the ability to gather customer purchase information at point of sale.

Zizi loyalty delivers technology that will earn, reward and retain customers. Our solutions are built to help inspire loyalty and strengthen your relationships with customers. Many, people think that loyalty is won with low prices or discounts that you give everyone. This might result in sales for you, but it also leads shoppers to love the deal instead of your product.

Our goal is to get customers associate their love for a great product with the experience of buying it. By leveraging the quality of the product with passion that you bring to it, and incorporating rewards, frequency and membership programs powered by Zizi loyalty not only enhance the experience you provide, but also enhance customer loyalty.

With our solution, customers may earn and redeem points using card, mobile phone or virtual tokens. It enables analysis of customer behaviors to understand their trends.

Zizi Loyalty / Zizi gift card Feature Benefit

  • Membership – points – rewards Manage your customers, accumulate and redeem points in real-time at the time and location of the transaction.
  • Most options are customisable during setup to enable you to tailor the system to your requirements.
  • Online enrolment that allows your customers to sign up for your program online via a portal.
  • Monetary rewards allow your customer to redeem points for gift cards/vouchers at any outlet within your network.
  • Open loop (valid anywhere) Cross location redemption of gift cards\Vouchers means you can issue a gift card\voucher at one location and redeem it at another branch within the same organisation network.
  • Online balance inquiry Online portal allows customer to query points and monetary value on both loyalty cards.
  • Flexible customer data collection which dynamically builds customer demographics data relevant to your business.


Create a system that enables the right offer go to the right person so that every opportunity for consumers to save money and feel better about your brand is never lost.

They needed a tool that would:

  • Reward customers who frequently make purchases.
  • Register their personal information.
  • Process membership cards.
  • Use the membership card when making a purchase.


Riverbank prepared a solution that:

  • Give a customer advanced access to new products and special sales coupons.
  • Provide a wealth of consumer information.
  • Gives additional information about the type of products that may be purchased together
  • Provide information about coupons and discounts that are more effective than others.
  • Enable customer check shopping history and points  balance through web or sms 
  • Redeem points for airtime


The deployed solution allows:

  • Influence of customer behavior by creating engaging and relevant experiences.
  • Real-time proactive and predictive capability to spot opportunities and risks
  • Deeper understanding of customers, engage them in a highly personalized manner, and deliver a unified brand experience across all channels.
  • Rewarding customer with supplemental and relevant perks to your main line of offerings.
  • Customer Loyalty Tracking, Statistics and Analytics.

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