Our education solution integrates to MIS systems used by schools and colleges for delivering seamless reporting.

Using a contact / contactless card students can be identified as well as procure services within the learning institutions.

ZiZi for education enables learning institutions issue different types of cards to students....


zizi Education

ZiZi for education enables learning institutions issue different types of cards to students.

This enables personalization of cards for ID purposes and loading cards with student fees and therefore they can use their cards to execute transactions both within the campus and other banking channels.

The product suite includes:

  • Fund Management
  • Time & Attendance
  • Card Issuing
  • POS Issuing
  • Card Processing



Keeping track of time and attendance for thousands of students. All functions need to be automatically tracked and reported, make errors and noncompliance issues virtually nonexistent.

They needed a tool that would:

  • Tracked student attendance.
  • Reported student attendance.
  • Integrated with Meals, Exams and other paid amenities.
  • Real-Time checking, posting and fetching info.


Riverbank prepared a solution that:

  • Creates and prints Student ID Cards
  • Import student registration Data
  • Compatible with existing software
  • Tracks activities
  • Reports card information


The deployed solution allows:

  • Minimization of the time and costs associated with deploying and maintaining digital identities.
  • Provides a highly scalable and configurable management platform for multifunction Student ID Cards.
  • Includes easy-to-define security policies and business processes for issuing and managing Student ID Cards and POS devices across an institution.
  • Integrates easily with a wide variety of operating systems, directories, front- or back-end identity management and provisioning systems, certificate authorities, and physical access control systems.
  • Ensures a secure, transparent way of transmitting data held on Student ID cards connected to user workstations
  • Full, tamper-evident audit features that log all event activities for reporting.
  • Web-based self service

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