NGO disbursements

We issue contact chip cards with biometric or contactless cards to recipients. Distribute POS terminals to agents and help execute transactions to ZiZi platform with rich reporting and tight security.
This may enable online and offline transactions and instant reports. NGOs need not to wait anymore for reports.

Today NGO’s require automated solutions to disburse funds or items to recipients. Our solution...


Zizi NGO disbursements

Today NGO’s require automated solutions to disburse funds or items to recipients. Our solution offers an end to end collection of tools that not only delivers cash or items but further enables powerfull reporting for each recipient item level, such reporting is not possible with usual manual systems.

With ZiZi for NGOs, you can issue instant cards to recipients or use BIO cards and execute transaction on terminals.


Make cash disbursement to poor families and be able to control and track if they spend the money for the intended purpose. Also, make sure all the beneficiaries are content and each of them receives the intended amount.

They needed a tool that would:

  • Record varying types of expenses by assigning each type of expense a code.
  • Create annual balance sheets.
  • Record all financial expenditures made by an individual.
  • Create other financial statements.


Riverbank prepared a solution that:

  • Create a card that enables advance cash disbursement.
  • A card that would enable the holder buy items and goods.
  • The money was distributed in form of plastic money and all transactions were done electronically.
  • Disburses cash was able calculated as any other cash distribution system would.
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The deployed solution allows:

  • Keep track of how many people cash was disbursed to.
  • Keep records of how much each person received.
  • Know exactly how much each person spent on what and where.
  • The advantage of simplicity, rather than having to keep track of invoices and credit accounts, once you make a cash disbursement you can consider the financial.
  • Calculate cash flow, it is the simple difference of how much money is disbursed and spent in the day.

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