Execute realtime tickets sales and amount collected with our ticket management solution.

ZiZi Ticketing is a POS based system that enables printing of tickets , monitoring and viewing  reports...


ZiZi Ticketing

Execute realtime ticket sales and amount collected with our complete ticket management application.

ZiZi Ticketing is a POS based system that enables printing of tickets, monitoring and viewing reports.

Dynamic reports allow viewing of specific information relating to the end user's needs. Customers are able to get tickets either by purchasing, using contactless cards or paying cash at entry points.

Manage your ticketing cycle, create custom tickets statuses and decide when you need to upload the processed tickets.


The system needs to be customizable to suit the requirements of the customer using it. The company shouldn't have to change its procedures to accommodate a piece of flexible software.

They needed a tool that would:

  • Easy accessibility
  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility- ability to implement
  • Anyone with internet can access it.
  • Doesn't require vendor-dependent.
  • Is easy to deploy.
  • Eliminates manual counting process in reconciliation.


Riverbank prepared a solution that:

  • Is simple to in regards to where you're.
  • Easy to use, intuitive and modified to suit the particular requirements
  • Has multiuser, the application is able to handle more than one user at a time, both at the user and administration  level.
  • Able to track history, not just the current state but its entire history.
  • Immutable history where its always be available and cannot be deleted erroneously.
  • Flexible views, where it offer a means for viewing subsets of tickets.


The deployed solution allows:

  • Access control, it has different levels of access.
  • Dependency management where it has a way to link tickets to one another.
  • Web notifications with information to parties involved of the current state of the issued tickets.
  • Customizable workflow to suit the requirements of the group using it.

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